Wan Tok Nius Issue 2

Welcome Wantoks,

Upcoming Events

17 – 22 June: Small Charity Week 2013

The work of small charities is being promoted in a mini-festival being hosted in London’s Russell Square. The event brings together the hundreds of small charities throughout the UK which, despite having budgets of under £10,000, are still able to contribute to providing invaluable support to communities. These charities find themselves stretched because, while many more communities are requesting support, donations are on the decline.

Small Charity Week, incorporated in 2010 by the Foundation for Social Improvement, is an annual event filled with activities and initiatives to provide opportunities for fundraising and to recognise and celebrate the work of small charities.

This year, Wantok Support is privileged to have its own stall at the mini-festival on the last day of the event , 22 June, known as Celebration Day. Stalls will be open from 11:30 am and among items to be sold at our stall, are limited framed copies of pencil sketches by Reverend John Ewington, a former Anglican priest to the Holy Name Parish in Arawa, PNG. Rev Ewington, who served there from 1981 to 1987 is a self-taught amateur artist who used his drawings as a way of connecting with local people. Other items to be sold include bamboo flutes, traditional woven string bags, tapa cloth, jewellery and PNG’s highly sought-after coffee.

During the six-day event, there are opportunities to post messages of support to your favourite charity on Facebook and Twitter; the charity with the most messages of support at the end of the week wins a cash prize.

So simply

facebook or twitter

a message about why you love Wantok Support, and you could help win a cash donation to the charity with just a touch of your finger!

For further details about the competition and about the Small Charity Week event as a whole, visit www.smallcharityweek.com.

Donations Update

Friends of PNG

Wantok Support appreciates the continued support from everyone here in the UK and abroad who have contributed their time, money and/or expertise to help the charity grow and continue its work. Many thanks for your invaluable contributions, which in 2012-13 amounted to well over £2,000.

PISUKI Hosted Christmas Dinner

The Pacific Islands Society of the UK and Ireland (PISUKI) hosted a Dinner for 40 guests in December last year at St Philip’s Church in Earl’s Court, London. PISUKI Chair Chris Luxton and Oe Jamieson, who provided the food, catered and raffled off goods at the event.

We were honored to receive a donation of £250 from both these amazing ladies who are also Wantok Support Trustees.

Click >>HERE<< for an update of our recent fundraising efforts.

Other News

Tandy Lubett who designed the charity’s logo, a symbol of strength and support in PNG communities, has stepped down as Trustee. The charity would like to thank Tandy for her hard work and dedication.

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May, the Trustees and members unanimously voted in Genevieve Teo, who will also maintain the charity’s website. The charity welcomes Genevieve as a new Trustee.

Much of the work by Wantok Support depends on the tireless efforts of its volunteers. You too could help with the gift of your time. If you would like to participate in any of our upcoming events, please contact the chairperson on 07952791351.