Our Vision

At Wantok Support we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to fulfil his or her potential and avoid social exclusion. We are dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing and life chances of the citizens of Papua New Guinea (PNG). We directly support projects and people, both in PNG and in the UK, as well as providing signposting to other sources of support and advice.

Our mission

We support members of the PNG community at home and in the UK, relieving them of economic hardship and increasing their quality of life by raising their self-esteem, confidence and motivation.

Our values

We believe in equal opportunities for all and we treat people as individuals who have varying needs and aspirations. We believe that everyone has a right to feel empowered and respected, as well as being cared for in times of need.

Our priorities

Our key areas of focus are:

  • promotion and protection of good health
  • relief of financial hardship
  • providing educational opportunities
  • relief for victims of natural disasters
  • assisting in the provision of leisure activities.