Our Work in Papua New Guinea

We support a variety of projects which deliver significant benefits to the people of Papua New Guinea (PNG), mainly by improving healthcare and education. We also focus on sustainability and environmental issues.


While access to basic education in PNG has improved significantly, it remains below acceptable levels. As the school population has increased, the system has struggled to cope. There is considerable pressure in areas such as infrastructure and teacher numbers, teacher training, materials development and distribution, as well as the capacity to monitor and administer at all levels.

Here are just some of the key challenges:

  • Over 500,000 children aged 6-12 do not go to school.
  • It is estimated half the adult population cannot read or write.
  • More boys than girls go to school and complete basic education.
  • More classrooms are needed.
  • Teachers need more training.
  • Management and financing from a national to school level needs strengthening

PNG's future success depends on the quality of its human resources. Vision 2050 is aimed at producing citizens who are healthy and intellectually astute, and have high ethical and moral character and attitudes. They must be developed and empowered to take ownership of their own livelihoods, and excellence and innovation must be recognised and rewarded.

The Trustees and members of Wantok Support are liaising with individuals and organisations in PNG to identify priority educational projects which the charity can help support. To find out more, please contact us.


The inaccessibility and low socio-economic status of the majority of people in PNG make it difficult to deliver high quality healthcare. In urban areas there are pockets of deprivation with some people not being able to afford healthcare. These challenges, coupled with the prevalence of communicable diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, diarrhoeal and acute respiratory problems, continue to increase morbidity and mortality rates. The infant mortality rate is 75 per 1,000 live births (2006) and the maternal mortality rate is an astounding 733 per 100,000 live births (2006).

In 2010 the government launched its new National Health Plan 2011-2020 focusing on a 'back to basics' approach. The aims are to make health provision affordable, accessible and equitable, and to provide a quality health services for all PNG citizens.

Wantok Support seeks to work in collaboration with government organisations (including health and education), charities, religious organisations and companies to meet some of the goals set out in the National Health Plan 2011-2020.

The Trustees and members of Wantok Support are liaising with individuals and organisations in PNG to identify small, viable health projects which the charity can help support. Contact us for more details.

Climate change relief

Climate change threatens the food and water security of small island nations in the Pacific, including PNG. Where possible, Wantok Support seeks to assist people affected by rising water levels.

Islands affected by the rising sea levels include the Cateret Islands, Te Henaua eNnoho atoll and Manus Island.

Initiating relocation programmes for the PNG atolls and islands is an urgent, time-sensitive project which Wantok Support is seeking to help facilitate. To find out more please contact us.