Supporting residents of Balg Village to get back on their feet

Families whose homes were burnt and destroyed during the tribal fighting in Balg Village, Mount Hagen, Western Highlands Province lost valuable belongings as a result of this conflict. Wantok Support was able to provide financial support of  £1000 for 40 blankets, 27 mattresses,  27 cooking pots and 27 grass knives.

'I am writing to extend initial words of appreciation and heart felt ‘thank you‘ from Balg Village to Wantok Support.   The 34 families have now received the pots, mattresses and gardening knives. The villagers are so so happy to receive the gifts from Wantok Support, there  have been tears.' Anita Wahawe

'On behalf of Balg Village in Mt Hagen Papua New Guinea, we would like to convey our special and a heartfelt appreciations to the “Wantok Support Charity” of Great Britain in UK for the great support you’ve given to our community and we have already received your support and acknowledge your funding. Once again, we thank you and God Bless Wantok Support Charity of Great Britain UK.' Clinton John