Our Vision

Our Vision

Wantok Support believes every person or family deserves to be supported if they need help, either by providing the support required or signposting them to the appropriate services and organisations where their needs are catered for.

Wantok Support believes in every person being developed to their full potential in all areas of life so that they are able to live a fulfilling life and contribute to society.

Our Mission

Wantok Support seeks to relieve members of the Papua New Guinea community and wider community residing both in the United Kingdom and Papua New Guinea of economic hardship by raising their self-esteem, confidence and motivation; and giving them the tools to fulfil their true potential.

Our Values

Wantok Support seeks to treat people as individuals with varying potentials and we believe have a right to be respected and cared for in times of need.

Our Objectives

To promote the benefits of persons in Papua New Guinea and in particular but not exclusively members of the Papua New Guinean community in the UK by:

  • Promotion & protection of good health
  • The relief of financial hardship
  •  To advance education for the public benefit
  •  The relief of suffering from natural disasters
  • To assist in the provision of leisure activities