Climate Change Relief

Wantok Support seeks to assist where possible people affected by rising water levels in the Atolls, Islands of Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.

In the Pacific, climate change threatens food and water security of small island nations; infrastructure is loss through coastal erosion and weather events; as well as contributing to increases in water and vector-borne disease with increased temperatures. Poignantly, climate change threatens the very existence of most island nations in the Pacific and Papua New Guinea is no different.

Sea levels rises are predicted to submerge smaller atolls completely by 2015.

Whist climate change will impact all people across the world, people in the Pacific are the hardest hit.  They have contributed LEAST to the causes of this man-made problem.  Pacific Islands collectively contribute only .37 per cent of global greenhouse gas emission. (ref. Friends of the Planet)

Islands affected by the rising sea levels

The Caterets Island

The first group of islanders to relocate were the Caterets people of  the Island of Bougainville (west of the Pacific) in Papua New Guinea in 2006.

They are also called Tulele Peisa (“sailing the waves on our own”). It is a local community organisation that has already an ongoing project of relocation.

Te Henaua eNnoho Atol

Another Atoll on Bougainville Island is Te Henaua eNnoho Atol facing the same dialema.

Manus Island in Papua New Guinea

The climate change is affecting whole of the Atolls and Islands in Papua New Guinea.  Here is an example of the sea level, risen in Wom beach in Wewak, Papua New Guinea.

The relocation programs for the Atolls and Islands of the Papua New Guinea is an urgent project that has a time limit which Wantok Support is seeking to help.  To find out more please contact us.